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Khao Hom Menu

Cripsy Wontons (6)

Minced chicken in crispy wonton pastry, served with sweet chilli sauce

Vegetable Spring Rolls (4)


Chicken Spring Rolls (4)


Chicken Satay (4)

Chicken Satay skewers served with our special peanut sauce.

Prawns (4)

Crispy deep-fried prawns served with sweet chilli sauce.

Sweet corn cakes (4)

Chewy clusters of sweet corn served with sweet chilli sauce.

Thai Fresh Spring Rolls (4)

Fresh lettuce, carrot and cucumber wrapped in a rice wrap.

Crabstick Fried Sushi (6)


Salmon Fried Sushi (6)


Sweet & Sour Stir-fry

Veg – R70| Chic-R75|Beef-R85|Prawn-R95
A tangy Thai style sweet & sauce with pineapple, fresh tomato, cucumber and onion.

Basil & Chilli Stir-fry

Veg – R70| Chic-R75|Beef-R85|Prawn-R95
Stir-fry sauce with green beans and basil.

Oyster Sauce Stir-fry

Veg – R70| Chic-R75|Beef-R85|Prawn-R95
Mixed vegetables stir-fried in oyster sauce.

Rice Stir-fry

Veg – R70| Chic-R75|Beef-R80|Prawn-R90
Thai Fried rice.

Crispy Sweet & Sour Stir-fry

Veg – R70|Chic-R75|Beef-R80|Prawn-R90
Crispy Chicken with peppers, onion and tomato stir-fried in a sweet and sour sauce.

Cashews Stir-fry

Crunchy cashews, onion, chicken, stir-fried in soy sauce.

Green Curry

Veg – R76| Chic – R79| Beef – R89 | Prawn – R99
Green curry with coconut milk and vegetables.

Red Curry

Veg – R76| Chic – R79| Beef – R89 | Prawn – R99
Red curry with coconut milk, bamboo shoots, peppers and basil.

Massaman Curry

Chic – R79 | Beef – R89
Thai mild curry with potato, coconut and peanuts.

Penang Curry

Penang curry with beef, coconut milk and lime leaves.

Som Tam Carrot Salad

Carrot, chilli and peanut salad with Thai vinaigrette dressing.

Lab Nuea / Kai

Beef/Chicken mixed with lime juice dressing.

Yum Woon Sen Salad

Chicken and fat-free glass noodles in Thai vinaigrette.

Phad Thai

Veg – R70| Chic-R75|Beef-R80|Prawn-R90
Thai rice noodles stir-fry with phad Thai sauce.

Phad Mee Leung

Veg – R70| Chic-R75|Beef-R80|Prawn-R90
Egg noodles stir-fry with vegetables.

Phad Woon Sen

Veg – R70| Chic-R75|Beef-R80|Prawn-R90
Fat-free glass noodles stir-fry with egg and vegetables.

Phad Ki Mao

Veg – R70| Chic-R75|Beef-R80|Prawn-R90
Stir-fry noodles with vegetables and fresh basil.

Tom Kha Soup

Chic – R46 | Prawns – R56

Tom Yum

Chic – R46 | Prawns – R56

Crispy Duck

Crispy duck deboned and sliced with stir-fry vegetables served with special sauce.

Khao Man Kai

Fragrant rice topped with crispy chicken served with special sauce.

Ba me Prik Phao

Chic – R79 | Beef – R85 | Prawn – R89
Classic stir-fried yellow egg noodles, vegetables and Cashews in roasted chilli paste.

Fried Ice Cream


Chocolate spring rolls and vanilla ice cream